Allergy & Food Intolerance



FastCheckPOC® – Point of Care rapid test for testing inhalant and food allergies. FastCheckPOC® is the ideal tool for the qualitative diagnosis of allergic sensitizations in patients with different clinical symptoms:

Seasonal and perennial rhinitis and conjunctivitis
Allergic eczema
Allergic asthma
Allergic gastrointestinal disorders


FastCheckPOC® was developed for specialists, who aim for a fast and reliable solution during consultation (e.g. for physicians, allergologists, natural health practitioners, etc.)

Features and Benefits

  • Requires 2-3 drops of capillary blood (100 μl) from finger tip or earlobe (venous blood or serum/plasma can also be used)
  • Results in 30 minutes – readable with the naked eye
  • No additional instruments required
  • Kit comes with all necessary equipment – including lancet, blood collection capillary, test device and reagents
  • Comprehensive IgE In vitro screening for 12 allergens simultaneously
  • Test for food and inhalant allergies – different panels available
  • Good correlation of the results with the Thermo Fisher ImmunoCAP® system.


Why use FastCheckPOC®?

  • At times, patient-specific conditions render common skin test methods impossible or difficult to perform (e.g. pregnant women, children , patients with acute skin conditions)
  • Allergies are on the rise, all age groups are affected
  • Untreated allergies can become chronic
  • Early testing means an accurate medical history and various therapeutic options
  • The product is the ideal solution for determination of allergen-specific IgE concentrations of antibodies in patients with suspected food or inhalant allergies
  • The test covers 90 % of the most prevalent allergies worldwide

A smart test for the detection of specific lgE – fast, valid, easy to understand


FastCheckPOC® performance

  • No cross reactivity with other immunoglobulin species
  • Correlation with ImmunoCAP®: 96 % for positive samples, 98 % for negative samples.
  • Reproducibility: 100% inter-assay
  • Repeatability: 100% intra-assay
  • Detection range of the rapid test: CAP-Class 0-VI
  • Cut-off/transition zone: CAP class II (0,7–3,5 kU/l)
  • Positive results: ≥ CAP Class II
  • Negative results: < CAP class II
  • The allergens used in FastCheckPOC® are calibrated using the diagnostic lab system ImmunoCAP® from Thermo Fisher.

How to perform the test? – Video

Study to compare FastCheckPOC tests results with Laboratory tests


The user friendliness of the rapid allergy test FastCheck POC was confirmed in the study. The comparison of the results of this rapid allergy test and the Thermo Fisher reference system (Unicap 100) shows a good correlation.

Venous blood, capillary blood and blood serum samples were taken from the patient at the same time. For the UniCAP 100 lab test, only serum was used (because this system requires serum), while capillary blood, venous blood or serum were used for the rapid allergy test. The results from the 331 patients were evaluated. For the inhalant panel the correlation of the positive results was between 93.3% and 100%, while the correlation of the negative results was between 93.6% and 100%.

The reproducibility of the test results was confirmed by replicates using the same venous blood samples within one week after withdrawal. Capillary blood was taken freshly for each replicate test; the patients were re-tested several times in the course of one week. Differences between the results were found in less than 2% of the tests.

Download the FastCheckPOC® Brochure here


Download details of the full study here

D.M. Runge, K.-P. Westpfahl-Wiesener, Heiko Schwertner; Entwicklung und Evaluation eines visuellen Schnelltests zu Bestimmung von spezifischem lgE im Kapillarblut oder Heparinblut; Allergologie 28; 7/2005; 263-268