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DST GmbH is a privately owned company based in Schwerin, Germany, only an hour`s drive from Hamburg. With an international network of authorized partners our portfolio of quality products and services is available in many parts of the world. DST is certified according to ISO 13485.

We are different from our competitors in our ability to provide customers with products that are tailored to their geographical region and needs. Our point-of-care products and our laboratory tests cater to every diagnostic laboratory and health care professional`s needs.

Development of innovative Allergy Diagnostics financial supported by the European Union - European Regional Development Fund (EFRE)

The Research & Development team of DST is specialized in the development of innovative immunodiagnostics according to various health conditions, which is supported financially by the European Union.

Allergy diagnostics are performed in Germany mainly in laboratories, which means that medical doctors send in blood samples to a diagnostic laboratory. This has the consequence, that the diagnosis and the start of a therapy are associated with several visits to the medical doctor. Due the EFRE funded project, the allergy and food intolerance diagnostic will be expedite and improved by the development of two products. The goal is the development of a test system for the parallel determination up to 100 allergens, as well as a rapid test, which allows to determine the sensitization to one or more allergens/ allergen components by just a few drops of capillary blood directly in the doctor’s office.

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What our customers say...

“DST has been a wonderful resource to our business. The innovative yet reliable test service allows us to offer the very best to my clients. DST’s unconditionally attentive staff makes our experience worthy of a genuine partner. My appreciation to DST!”

HY Kwong, Greenamics Limited, Hong Kong

“Our partnership with DST started in 2005, when we bought the first allergy tests. Long time has passed since that first order and after more that 10 years we are sure that it’s not easy to find such a great partner. Products are reliable, quality is at its best and our customers are satisfied. But this is not always enough. What we consider an added value in our partnership is that we have an almost everyday direct contact with DST, with the possibility to plan the future together. This is partnership.“

Raffaello Michelotti, Project Italia, Italy

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