Allergy & Food Intolerance

Allergy Diagnostics

We take pride in the quality of our allergy diagnostic kits that cater to both healthcare professionals (sIgE rapid tests) and laboratory requirements (sIgE allergia and Line Immuno Assay (LIA) ALLERGY LINE kits). We make customised allergen panels as per your request.

Food Intolerance Diagnostics

To address the need for diagnosing the growing trend of food intolerances worldwide, we have developed a 57 foods rapid test (NutriSMART) for healthcare practitioners,  laboratory NutriLAB ELISA kits (sIgG4  & sIgG) with different food panels (44, 88, 184 & 280 foods) and sIgG4 Line Immuno Assay ALLERG4Y kits

Allergen Extracts

DST GmbH manufactures over 600 high quality allergens – respiratory, food, environmental and major/recombinant allergens.
All allergen extracts are freeze-dried and can be supplied in 1 mg, 5 mg and 10 mg quantities. Other quantities are available upon request. Our allergen extracts are used by IVD manufacturers and for cellular allergy tests in laboratories worldwide.

Respiratory Allergens

Food Allergens

Molecular and Recombinant Allergens

Laboratory Service

With a specialized diagnostic laboratory on-site, we provide laboratory testing services for a wide portfolio of tests.
Patients and healthcare professionals from around the world can send their blood, serum, plasma or saliva samples requesting a specific test. We will send detailed reports of test results, and in case of food intolerance tests, we provide a complete dietary recommendation report to guide the patient. Contact us for further information.